Invitation to HELA Masterclass – In search of Mode x.y knowledge co-production approaches

The masterclass deals with the following question:  To what extent are the traditional knowledge production paradigms valuable to the modern research discourse? The university traditions on research come under focus. The purpose of this 3-hour masterclass is to equip researchers with the knowledge and understanding of knowledge co-production and the value of knowledge creation and distribution to provide value to the university community within the ambit of Education 5.0 and the growing need for research outcomes as societal value. 

CHEC Critical Conversation Series: Higher Education leadership in challenging times

This Critical Conversation will introduce the Triarchic Leadership Mindset for navigating the complex today and uncertain tomorrow. Mental processes form the bedrock  of leadership thinking, reasoning, and acting, and the right mindset is critical for navigating the complex, chaotic, and unpredictable times we find ourselves in, let alone an uncertain future. This Critical Conversation will introduce attendees to the appropriate mindset required to successfully lead in these challenging times.

Leadership and management capacity development

The CREATING THE LEADING-EDGE (CLE) 2022 is inviting nominations to attend the programme. The CLE is endorsed by Universities South Africa (USAf)’s HELM Programme, for its relevance and responsiveness to developing and supporting the leadership and management knowledge and skills required, for greater efficiency and effectiveness in the systems, processes, people and technology requirements of our universities.

Western Cape Gender Symposium

Today Western Cape Government in partnership with the Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC) hosted a virtual Gender Symposium. The event called on the regional universities’ researchers as well as practitioners to highlight challenges as well as evidence based case studies to help to craft impactful responses within the region.

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