CHEC Critical Conversation Series: How Intelligent is AI These Days, and When Will it Take Over?

We will discuss the capabilities and limitations of current popular AI tools such as ChatGPT. Our goal is to explore what machine intelligence might look like, how far along we are, and what threats it may pose in the future. We will survey current uses of AI and ML in production environments as a baseline for informed forecasting.

Survey on activities in our planned Critical Conversations and Masterclasses

CHEC Higher Education Leadership Development (HELD) is planning a series of Critical Conversations and Masterclasses to assist our universities in emerging key point.  We would like your feedback on themes to guide future topics for the forthcoming 2023 series of CHEC Critical Conversations and Masterclasses. It will take around 10 minutes to complete.

Soccer World Cup

The CHEC 2010 Working Group's Report on CHEC coordinated activities in relation to the 2010 FIFA World Cup describes the involvement of the CHEC member universities in this event.

CHEC supports Cape Town’s bid to become the World Design Capital 2014

CHEC has sent a letter supporting Cape Town's bid to become the World Design Capital in 2014. In addition, the four universities have collected information about qualifications / programmes as well as Centres and Institutes that contribute to making Cape Town a "design city", i.e. a city that uses design to develop solutions that make an impact in addressing socio-economic challenges.

Graduate Attributes Symposium, 14 and 15 March 2011

The programme for this event to be held at the Sports Science Institute includes three international speakers: Professor Geoff Scott, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Quality) at the University of Western Sydney, A/Professor Simon Barrie, the Director of the Institute for Teaching and Learning at the University of Sydney, and Dr Caryn Musil, the Senior Vice President at the Association of American Colleges and Universities who oversees the Office of Diversity, Equity and Global Initiatives.

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